for production and ADs

EasyExtra 2.0

Save money & time

due to less overtime and fewer additional ADs. In addition, there is no need to fill out, sign, check and sort the countless fee slips during a shoot. The extras budget can be spent on more “screen time” instead of payroll.

Less overtime

and no more long queues. Fast check-in through QR codes at the start of shooting and even faster check-out through the “quick check-out” system at the end of every day. 

Automatic fee calculation

saves time and prevents frequent errors and subsequent corrections in the final totals. Even overtime and bonuses are automatically calculated correctly and listed clearly.

Unlimited number of users

can access the app simultaneously. All permissions are initially held by the project manager, who can release individual permissions for any number of team members. 


of billing systems and extras agencies. Available nationally and internationally, EasyExtra represents the digital bond between production, agency and billing partners. So that every project runs smoothly!

Green Production

1.5 million paper slips cause over 700 trees to die each year. That’s a thing of the past with the use of EasyExtra. Plus, our servers are powered by green electricity from 100% renewable sources.

Prevention of Covid 19

by eliminating queues with no safe distance, multiple pen usage, and drastically reducing face-to-face contact during check-in and check-out.

Extras Cost Report

is often requested by production and helps to ensure that calculations remain up-to-date and invoices are easier to follow. No more hours of typing in spreadsheets, just download an Excel file with an overview of all expenses at the end of the shooting day.

PDF pay slips

are sent to all extras by e-mail after the end of a day. And for sending to the production company and the billing partner, all bills are immediately available for downloading in a collected form.

Import of Agency´s lists

for an optimal overview and comparison of all data. Simply import the agency’s list of extras before the shooting day, adjust it if necessary, and have an updated attendance list created quickly after shooting.

Technical compatibility

is extremely important for the speed of digitization. EasyExtra generally works on all common devices that have a browser with Internet access. No matter whether PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Granny´s Version

or “What do I do if I don’t have a smartphone?”.  Even without QR code registration, extras can be easily and uncomplicatedly entered for billing on the day of shooting by the Crowd ADs.

Children´s countdown

for optimum safety in complying with the law on the protection of minors. The countdown shows how much shooting time is left for the children present and creates a list of children’s times at the end of the day.

Budget overview

is the feature that production managers love. View current total costs at any time – alphabetically, chronologically or split into different activities for easier budget management. Download as Excel or PDF.

Automatic night time charge

for an attendance period determined in advance by the assistant director. This ensures that no one forgets to pay the night surcharge and is one less thing to worry about.

Multilingual use

for better communication and fewer queries, the registration process for extras is  available in English and German. Other languages are set to be released soon.

What´s the work flow with Easy Extra?

Pre Production:

  • Create user account & buy licence

  • Create project & add other users

  • Create shooting days

  • Import extras list from the agency

  • Send link to fill in data & track process

Shooting day:

  • Open EasyExtra and scan QR-codes

  • Start of work is automatically tracked correctly -> edit times, breaks, bonuses, etc. per extra or grouped

  • After wrap simply check out all extras and send them home

  • Send pay slips to all extras with one click

After wrap:

  • Download all time sheets & pay slips

  • Send collected documents to accounting

  • Renew your license at any time or access tickets and data after the license expires.



EasyExtra is a product by:

Teamwork Pictures GmbH
Prinzregentenstrasse 54
80359 Munich / Germany


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