Features & process
for extras

No Queues

when checking in or out through our fast QR code “check-in” and “check-out” system. No more standing on your feet and best of all: just leave after wrap! 

No more overtime

After a long day of shooting, you just want to go home and not have to wait for hours in line. With EasyExtra, you don’t have to.

Faster payment

Since the billing data is transmitted directly and no more tedious problems due to illegibility or delay in mailing.

Digital copy

of your pay slip and time sheet is sent immediately as a PDF by e-mail after the end of the shoot, and can be saved or even printed out. This way, nothing gets lost and the documents remain up to date.

Green Production

for a sustainable film world. Every year, more than 700 trees die for 1.5 million pages of film credits. With all these pages, you could cover the entire distance from New York City to Houston each year, and that’s more than unnecessary.

Grannys Gagenschein

or “What do I do if I don’t have a smartphone/tablet?”. Even without QR code registration, extras can be easily entered for billing on the day of shooting by the assistant director.

What´s the workflow EasyExtra?

Before your shooting day:

  • After you´ve been confirmed by the agency you´ll get sent a link via email where you can fill in all your data that is necessary for getting paid.

  • After sucessfull registration you´ll recieve a QR code to check in on set the next day.

On your shooting day:

  • Show your QR-code to the AD on set to check in.

  • Go home immediatly after wrap and recieve a copy of your time sheet digitally.



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