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Wonderful collaboration

Thank you very much for the wonderful collaboration. You have developed something great, which will become very big I'm sure. I am happy to work with EasyExtra again because it has made my work tremendously easy. 

Andrea Knoer

Crowd 2nd AD

»The Three !!!« (Part 1, 2022)

Simply amazing!

EasyExtra not only makes it easier for extras to handle their accounting documents, but also makes it easier for the ADs. With one click, I can see all relevant information at a glance. No more searching or calculating. Great!

Nele Eckert-Hetzel

Crowd 2nd AD

»Enkel für Fortgeschrittene« (2022)


For me personally, the cost report is the absolute game changer! I immediately have everything relevant for my budget.

Andreas Friz

Production Manager

»Neue Geschichten vom Pumuckl« (2022)

What a difference!

The automatic cost report and the accurate overview of overtime are really terrific.The reduction in my workload in contrast to the paper stacks has already made an extreme difference. I would like to tell everyone from the bottom of my heart how good I think EasyExtra is!


Crowd 2nd AD

»Love Addicts« (2022)

I´m thrilled!

A huge thank you for the great support! I am totally thrilled about EasyExtra and hope that I can get the opportunity to use your software again in future projects. You have really developed a great thing!

Nicole Schreider

Crowd 2nd AD

»The Real Life Guys« (2023)

Easy to understand

EasyExtra is a friend and helper in every situation - as simple as it is, as good it is. It's easy to understand for everyone and you won't work without it anymore. Above all, your assistance and empathy when working with it for the first time is impeccable!

Giuliana Modolo

Crowd 2nd AD

»The Three !!!« (Part 2, 2022)

Big compliment

I've done a lot of background work, but this system was extra easy. Big compliment from a 65 year old retiree.



via survey, 2023

Really handy!

You guys have really been great in keeping me on my toes and making my first job on set a lot easier. EasyExtra is really handy; I hope I get to work with you again.

Silke Bremdt

AD Trainee

»Wir Für Immer« (2023)

All-round Service

EasyExtra offers an all-round service that makes life easier for every production. From the check-in and check-out of extras to the final billing. You save many hours of work!

Deborah Falkenberg

Crowd 2nd AD

»Habibi Baba Boom« (2022)

Just a matter of time

The new procedure is very good! Of course, all beginnings are difficult, but now everything is clear and so much easier. All just a matter of time and getting used to...



via survey, 2022

The team behind EasyExtra

Julia Eiber
Founder & CEO

Julia created the tool she would have liked to have as a Crowd 2nd AD herself. Besides EasyExtra, she is now working as a 1st AD.

Jann Dedinski
Project Manager

Since day one, Jann has supported our clients with his expertise and experience as a project manager - and sometimes as a Crowd Marshall on set.

Benjamin Probst

Logos, colors, fonts: without Benjamin, everything would only look half as pretty. Check out his other work:

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