Easy Extra Payroll

Digital billing for extras.
No more stacks of paper, queues or overtime. 

Checking in and out on set as well as accounting of extras has never been so easy. Goodbye to never ending stacks of paper and endless manual work. Go digital: including extras cost reports and automatic management of fees, overtime and supplementary fees.

EasyExtra is the one and only solution for a modern, sustainable and easy extras management on set. With our software, we form the digital bond between the production company, the ADs, the extras agency and the billing partners, so nothing stands in the way of a modern workflow on set. 

Created as a web app, EasyExtra can be used without restrictions via any browser - on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. For extras, the use is of course free of charge, productions can purchase licenses for individual periods. 

Check out the EasyExtra Payroll features.

Less overtime and less additional crew
After wrap? Just go home.
Green shooting
Unlimited users
Check-in and check-out with QR-codes
Automatic calculation of fees
Management of supplementary charges
Automatic extras cost reports
API to the billing partner for a daily transfer of money
Overtime tracker
Device independence (accessible via any browser)
Multilingualism of the registration process
Project supervisor and basic training included in the price

Payroll explained step-by-step.


Create project & shoot days


Upload extras list (Excel file that includes the extra´s E-mail addresses)


Send E-Mail link to fill in the digital pay slip


Check-in/check-out extra via QR-code (collected, grouped or individually)


Send the digital pay slip as a PDF to the extras and approve it for transfer


We are happy to create a quote for you!

Licenses are calculated individually according to the length of the project and the total number of extras. We are happy to advise you in advance without obligation by phone. Automatically included in the price: every project gets a project supervisor who is responsible for the first training, questions throughout the shoot and the control of the system and data in the background. We happily support debut or student productions with special conditions. 

Request your quote now using the following details:

  • Type of project (Feature, series etc.)
  • Total number of shoot days
  • Total number of extras
  • Name of the production company
  • Planned shooting period